Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

A wonderful weekly class giving you the space and time to connect with other pregnant women, learn some wonderful tools and techniques and, of course, relax.

It is an ideal way to get started with your hypnobirthing practice, it perfectly accompanies any of the hypnobirthing workshops or classes you might be doing.

The classes consist of a weekly catch up, followed by some wonderful mindful breathing, a gorgeous relaxation and a discussion about the following topics:

  • Week 1 - Relaxation in Pregnancy

  • Week 2 - Sleep in Pregnancy

  • Week 3 - Fear in Pregnancy & Birth

  • Week 4 - Healthy Choices

  • Week 5 - Preparing for Birth

  • Week 6 - Oxytocin for Birth

TLBC Pregnancy Relaxation

We had relaxations sessions on a weekly basis, along with essential oils, candles, music and meditation... each session had its own theme which kept me looking forward to them.


Nuria was always ready to answer all my questions and was very generous with me, giving me all the resources that I need. ~ A, Reading


£12 per session or £60 if you book the whole programme (6 sessions)

You'll receive the beautiful "Oxytocin for Birth" mp3 when you sign up for the whole programme

If you're doing any hypnobirthing workshop with me, this comes at HALF price!