Postnatal Doula


"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"


When a baby is born (be it the first or subsequent!) a new family is born – and as well as an exciting and a very special time it can also look a bit hectic and intense.


As your postnatal doula I’ll focus on helping you and all your family to make a smooth transition into motherhood/parenthood.

An extra pair of hands for light duties around the house, and/or looking after the baby, a listening shoulder – I will come to your home and help you in the way you feel would benefit you the most, and offer warm and relaxed guidance and non judgemental support.

I can also offer breastfeeding support and babywearing advice if needed (I’m a certified babywearing consultant with the School of Babywearing).

But above everything my main aim is to offer you reassurance and encourage you to follow your inner instincts – YOU are the best mother for YOUR CHILD.

Mother with her Child

"Nuria has a wonderful energy and presence, just being around her made me feel relaxed, at ease and that gave me permission to step away from my son for a more needed nap or a much longed time for shower or meal"


Rebecca, Windsor

How do I offer postnatal support?

I usually offer 3 hour sessions in the mornings and I can also offer overnight support. I may have some other availability at times (i.e. some afternoon/evening help) so please feel free to get in touch and we can chat about it.

As you postnatal doula I'll be always available to you for telephone or email support.

What area do I cover?

I’m based in Reading, and work with families within a 30 minute drive, covering most Berkshire and parts of South Oxfordshire and North Hampshire.

Mother and Baby

Nuria is very knowledgeable and reassured me when I was in doubt or feeling stressed or worried. She kept constant contact with me what made me feel less alone in this adventure of single parenting.


Nuria is a very sweet woman, soft spoken, always in good mood, willing to help and do something extra for me to feel she is always there.


She was very empathetic with my feelings and mood.


Ana, Reading

As your postnatal doula, I'll focus on helping you make a smooth transition into motherhood/parenthood

Mothering the mother

This is the main role of a postnatal doula. Being a listening shoulder, helping you with practical stuff around the house or with the newborn care.

Babywearing advice

If you are interested in knowing more about slings and learn to use them, I can offer you advice and support on how to safely carry your newborn.

Infant feeding support

If you wish to breastfeed and need any support, I can provide it to you and point you out in the right direction should you require further help. I'll support you in your choice of feeding.

Light domestic tasks