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perinatal healing

Nuria Pozas


perinatal healing

During these years accompanying women and their families during pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, I have been able to observe the emotional impact of some traumatic events they have experienced. From long fertility treatments, to difficult births, or complicated postnatal times.

All this ignited in me an interest in perinatal mental health and I decided to train myself in this area to be able to accompany better, with a broader and more sensitive perspective and with the appropriate tools for it.

Whilst training in perinatal mental health, I heard about the 3 step rewind technique and decided to learn it to be able to offer this service and help mothers, fathers and birth professionals to lift their trauma symptoms, so they can heal and move on

perinatal mental health matters

always by your side with a spirit of compassion

Training I've undertaken in this field:

  • Supporting every birth workshop - Michelle Every - 2015

  • Perinatal Mental Health - European Institute of Perinatal Mental Health - 2019

  • Bring relief with your debrief - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020

  • Supporting baby loss and miscarriage - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020

  • Three Step Rewind Technique - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020


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Birth Debrief

A birth debrief session if you want to tell  your story and release emotions

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TBR 3 Step Rewind

The three step rewind technique is a safe and gentle process to lift your trauma symptoms


Drop me an email in total confidence:

or call me at 07413304701

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