The Little Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing Programme is a complete 10-12 hours birth preparation course aimed at supporting you to plan for a calm, confident & positive birth.

I draw on my experience as a birth doula having accompanied numerous and varied births and teaching one to one hypnobirthing to many families.

  • hypnobirthing birth preparation

    Are you pregnant and feeling anxious about the birth? 

    Imagine having the tools and knowledge so you can feel calm and confident about birth, enjoy a more relaxed pregnancy and feel ready for motherhood.

    Complete Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation
  • the hypnobirthing workshop

    You may have booked your birth preparation somewhere else, perhaps signed up for an NCT class, but you've heard about hypnobirthing and all its benefits and you really want to add that 'hypno' bit to your preparation.

    This hypnobirthing workshop is your solution! Ideal to add your mental and emotional preparation to all the birth knowledge you already have.

    The Hypnobirthing Workshop Wix.png
  • bespoke antenatal preparation

    You may be looking for a hypnobirthing refresher if this is not your first birth or you may be wanting a fully bespoke and tailored programme for you.

    I totally get it, this is such an special time and it can all be so different for everyone.

    I've shown you my two most popular packages, but I'm always happy to agree with you on something uniquely tailored to you.

    Bespoke antenatal preparation Wix.png


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