Birth Doula

I truly believe everyone can prepare for a positive birth experience by making informed choices and deciding the way they want to live this unique experience. As your birth doula I will offer you non judgemental support and will encourage you to follow your instincts and wishes – I’ll be by your side however you want to live your experience.

Antenatally I can help you prepare for the birth by being there to listen, to help you refocus and support you to feel more confident about the birth, I can help you with your birth plan and signpost you to evidence-based information.

During labour and birth I can give you massage, use the Rebozo for comfort, get some aromatherapy going. I won’t come between you and your birth partner, I may make suggestions to your birth partner on how they can best support you at a given moment and I’ll make sure you are both well looked after.

Through my work as a doula I have accompanied women and their families at homebirths, hospital birth, breech babies, elective caesareans, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), HVBAC (Homebirth VBAC).

As a birth doula, I'll respect and protect your space while providing a calm and peaceful environment during labour and birth. My practice reflects the Doula Authentic and the Doula UK philosophies.

"Birth isn’t something we suffer, but something that we actively do and exult in!"
"Nuria accompanied my husband and me during my son’s birth, we also met her a few times before and after the birth. She was always very present in the moment, she asked us some very good questions which helped us both prepare ourselves for what lay ahead, as well as to process what turned out to be a very intense time in our lives. I found Nuria to be a very kind and genuinely loving person. She is a great listener, non judgemental, yet totally honest, and very down to earth. ∼ Tila, Oxford
"Nuria has been an invaluable help to me personally before, during and after the birth. The reassurance that she gave me and the directions offered to me during the birth were priceless, especially considering my head space (even if prepared) for witnessing my wife going through the intensity of labour. Thank you Nuria! ∼ Alex, birth partner

Antenatal meetings

We will meet 2 or 3 times during your pregnancy. At these meetings we will have the chance to know each other and talk about how you want to be supported best.


We can talk about your fears and concerns about pregnancy labour and birth, discuss your birth preferences and I can help you to draw up your birth plan if you wish to.

On call

I will go on call from week 38 which means that I'll be available to you for whenever birth happens!

You can call or text me anytime when you feel things are happening and I will come to you when you feel you want me by your side.

We can discuss if you want me to go on call earlier.

Labour & Birth support

I will accompany you during labour, from the very first moment you want me until your baby is born. I will support your birth partner as well, so they can confidently support you.


After your baby is born, I can help you with baby´s first feed and with any other questions you may have, and will stay with you until you feel comfortable and settled.

Postnatal visit

I will visit you once or twice at your home  after your baby is born. 


We can have a chat about how things are going and talk about the birth if you want to.


I can offer breastfeeding support if needed, slings and baby carriers advice, and I will signpost you to local groups that may be of help to you.

"We are delighted to have partnered with you in the preparation for having our child Isaac at the RBH (event though we planned for a home birth) and in particular for the support during labour and right through to the delivery of our baby. The psychological support made all the difference because of the negative hospital experience we had with having our first child. Thank you for all of the help and advice during pregnancy and the support and the preparation for the coming of the baby, and letting me know what was going on during the different stages I went through on the day. ∼ Susana, Reading

Please contact me for a free initial meeting so we can discuss your needs and wishes and you can get an idea if I am the type of doula you are looking for. You may find useful to read Help with finding a doula in the Doula UK website 

If you are struggling financially but would benefit from a doula, have a look at the Doula UK Access Fund. It covers the expenses of Doula UK doulas volunteering to work with local clients in financial hardship, enabling those on a low income to have the support of a doula.


Below you'll find some packages. If you're looking for something different, please do get in touch anyway - I'm always happy to explore options!

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