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Birth Debrief

Following a difficult or traumatic birth, you may find yourself struggling with unhelpful emotions and feelings, and feel unheard by your HCPs or not knowing where to turn to.

This structured, trauma informed Birth Debrief is a 90 minutes long session, where you will find the space to be heard, and to reflect on how it is impacting you on your day to day.

With a spirit of love and compassion, having your feelings and emotions acknowledged and validated, this session can be powerfully healing.

You'll have the time and space for your story to be listened with compassion, without judgement or critique

You'll be able to explore how what happened still shows up in your day to day life now

You'll draw your future goal state, that's how you'd like your life to be without those ways of responding, feeling and thinking in place.

The focus is to build confidence and resilience so that you no longer feel like you are owned by what happened and are able to enjoy your life as a new mother

We'll finish the session with a guided relaxation uniquely written for you, and you will receive a recorded mp3 of this relaxation for your own use.


Investment is £75.

If this sounds like something you feel would help you and you want to be free of the difficult symptoms and emotions, please do get in touch in total confidence.

You can call me at 07413 304 701 or send me an email at

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Training I've undertaken in this field:

  • Supporting every birth workshop - Michelle Every - 2015

  • Perinatal Mental Health - European Institute of Perinatal Mental Health - 2019

  • Bring relief with your debrief - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020

  • Supporting baby loss and miscarriage - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020

  • Three Step Rewind Technique - Traumatic Birth Recovery - 2020