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a three step process to lift the trauma symptoms, enabling you to heal and move on

You may have experienced a difficult birth or poor postnatal care, or another traumatic perinatal event, that has left you experiencing trauma symptoms and finding it hard to move on, or you may have supported a woman in her labour and are feeling these same emotions.


Trauma symptoms are a completely normal response to the difficult situation you’ve been through.

The TBR 3 Step Rewind Technique is a gentle and safe process that will lift your symptoms, enabling you to heal and move on. Put simply, it detaches the arousing emotions associated with the event, from the memory of it. And because the process works on your symptoms, emotions, feelings, you don’t need to tell the story if you don’t want to or disclose details you may not want to share.

It is a three step process and healing begins from the very first session. It is usually structured as follows:

  • Step 1 – Session 1 (90 minutes): I’ll listen to your story if you want to, you will have the opportunity to reflect on how it is impacting you day to day and then draw your future goal state, that’s how you’d like to feel if you didn’t have these symptoms.

  • Step 2 – Session 2 (60 minutes): The aim of this session, the Rewind, is to lift the unhelpful emotions linked to the memory of the event, re-patterning your brain with new ways of responding, thinking and feeling.

  • Step 3 – Session 3 (30 minutes): this session takes place 10-14 days after Step 2 and is an important review of the process and check-in on the changes that have occurred


If this sounds like something you feel would help you and you want to be free of the difficult symptoms and emotions, please do get in touch. 


Drop me an email in total confidence: perinatalhealing@gmail.com

or call me at 07413304701

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